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Video Trading

*U2 VH1 Legends (from Digital Cable, excellent video and sound COMING SOON!)

*U2 Elevation 2001: Live at Boston (from DirecTV, stereo hifi)

*U2 The best of 1980-90 (Unlike commercial version, does not feature description over picture, but

slates (count-off clock) between songs) Excellent sound and video

*U2 at MTV VMA 2001

*U2 Does Much (Much Music special, spanish subtitles, Stereo Sound, From Cable TV)

*U2 Elevation Tour Second Night March 26th, 2001 (VHS or VCD)

*U2 Essentials (MTV show) 2000 Tour interviews (stereo sound, spanish subtitles) 

*U2 Classic Albums Making of the Joshua tree (stereo, high quality 1st Generation) 

*U2 Brit Awards  Broadcast (One, Beautiful Day, Until the end of the world) Spanish Subtitles (from CableTV)

*U2 Rattle and Hum (New Video Version, Dolby Surround Closed Caption)

*U2 Rattle and Hum (from Laserdisc) (Original Copy)

*U2 Zoomerang from Sydney (from Laserdisc) (Original Copy)

*Rotterdam 90

*San Remo (Mini Interview / All I want is you /Ground Beneath her Feet )

*Trabants (From Sony Entertainment Television)

*Adelaide 93 (EXCELLENT!)

*Lakeland Soundcheck 92

*Live at Sellafield, the concert (Original Copy)

*Red, Hot and Blue  (Original Copy)

*Zoo TV live show (Fox network 90 min) (from CableTV)

*U2 a year in pop (version 1 british, version 2 american) (from CableTV)

*U2 Live Aid performance Complete

*U2 Grammy Awards (Overdubs in spanish)