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Trading Rules   

I don't demand anything out of the ordinary, just be sure to read in detail the following and then go to my lists:
On CDRs:

-CDS NOT mastered from MP3s, only Wave or SHN.
-NO GAPS (no 2 sec silence between traks), sometimes this means CD fromMP3s, remember Rule No1.
-Burning method: DAO (disk at once).
-Extraction method: EAC, Nero.
-I do my best to send Complete, Clickless (unless source is faulty), Scratchless disks...
 please have the same attention with me.
-No jewel boxes, those always break and make bulk. Send the CDs on protective envelopes or pads,
  and email over the covers, if you have them, I don't want covers that badly, so they are not so important to me.
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CD  Trading List

NOTE: Allow me to recommend this great software
to help error-free audio extraction to ensure perfect copies.
be amazed with this simple yet superb program.
-Only SP STEREO dubbing mode, EP or SLP sacrifices too much quality.
-NTSC video resolution is preferred, if you have a PAL version, please inform first.
-If the tape you are about to send is a HIGH GENERATION COPY (too many copies from the same source,
 high loss of qualitiy) please tell me first.
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VIDEO Trading List
Please contact me upon any doubt before sending anything!!!!
Stay in touch, mail can be slow, but if you keep in touch, problems CAN be solved.