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When I look at the world... can it be done live?



When you look at the world What is it that you see? People find all kinds of things That bring them to their knees I see an expression So clear and so true That it changes the atmosphere When you walk into the room  So I try to be like you Try to feel it like you do But without you it's no use I can't see what you see When I look at the world When the night is someone else's And you're trying to get some sleep When your thoughts are too expensive To ever want to keep When there's all kinds of chaos And everyone is walking lame You don't even blink now, do you Or even look away  So I try to be like you Try to feel it like you do But without you it's no use I can't see what you see When I look at the world  I can't wait any longer I can't wait till I'm stronger Can't wait any longer To see what you see When I look at the world  I'm in the waiting room Can't see for the smoke I think of you and your holy book While the rest of us choke  Tell me, tell me, what do you see? Tell me, tell me, what's wrong with me

One of the GREATEST songs from U2's 2000 release, All That You Can't Leave Behind, has NOT been played live in its true form.It was added as a snippet at the Kansas City show in 2001. It has a somewhat simple chord structure, classic U2 sounds, etc.

We agree that it's a hard song, technically challenging, specially the solo, but it is SO wonderful that we miss it on the current setlist.

Then I wonder, what is the REAL reason for it not to be played live?

...if my band and me can jam with it, U2 could certainly play it LIVE the way it should be.

Our guesses are:

-too complex solo (just listen to my version, I am guessing the notes...)

-they don't find it as exciting as most of us.


If you want  YOUR reasons and opinions on this page, send me a mail and I will add them here.


You can find our version here, all out of tune and noisy, recorded from a recently discovered videotape from a party.


We did it  while I was fooling around with several echo machines going at the same time and got something close

to Edge's echo drenched sounding solo... or that's what we thought at the moment.


So I started with the intro riff, and off we went!

The recording is terrible, and the version isn't wonderful, but we can say that...

WE HAVE played it LIVE! :)

Please be MINDFUL that this is a JAM, we started playing at the spur of the moment.

We had NEVER attempted it live before, I have chosen it to show that if a cover band can make a noise

sound like When I look at the world (and mighty proud we are of it),

then U2 has EVERYTHING ready to do it.


If you are going to critize our version, you HAVE to provide a better one.


To listen to our version, click here to download.

This is a big file, 5.7MB. Please be PATIENT. Your feedback is VERY important to us.