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CD Trading

We invite people to bootleg our shows. We invite people to...make CD copies....
we've no problems with that, but if some guy is gonna make money off the back of this, we're gonna find out where he parks his car...
-- Bono on KROQ Radio USA (10-2000)

Got no Shows to trade? Want to do things right? Check this AWESOME site about trading etiquette and B+P (blanks and postage) instructions:

Special Thanks to Chris Cheatham for pointing me there!


B+P, Blanks and Postage, is a method that helps people without shows to trade or burners, to get material by simply sending blank CDs and corresponding Postage expenses.

Download my updated Complete CD list /Baja mi lista completa y actual
(Use Right Click + Save file as... / Usa Click derecho + Guardar archivo como...)

NOTE: While my website might not be completely accurate or updated, my excel file is...

About myself and what I do:

I have been fortunate enough to meet Hiram Dordelly. He has been kind enough to trust me his incredible collection of tapes and CDs so I can work them into listenable concert CDs, and I'm so PROUD to have given h im the confidence as to follow this venture. He surprised me one time when he just called and said "I just want to tell you you made a GREAT JOB! Thanks!" Talk about an EGO BOOST! :)

I am confident that we will be working constantly now that we are good friends. On this list you will find
some concerts marked with *asterisks* that denote CDs remastered by myself. Feel free to
contact me upon those shows regarding any doubt.


If you have some tips you'd like to share in this or any othermatter,

they are all welcome!

This is some of the equipment and proceduresI I use to enhance the shows:


-Noise Reduction   

-Audio Enhancement (Crispness, Brightness, Loudness)

-Level Normalization

-Speed Correction



-Pentuim III Processor PC

-Cool Edit 2000 Sotfware

-Exact Audio Copy 0.9 Secure

-Creative SoundBlaster 128Bit sound card

-LG CD Rom 52x Digital-to-soundcard NEW!

-Creative 8/4/32 CD Burner

-Technics Professional Cassette Deck Headroom extension Dolby B/C

-Sony Professional CD Player 18-Bit Digital Filter 8 times oversampling

-Technics Professonal Turntable (speed adjustable, belt drive)

-Pioneer Half Inch Reel Recorder


Thank you all.